As a Clinical Psychologist and a Mum I have come to believe that knowledge is power. When we understand how our brains and bodies work we are better able to take control and live the lives we want to lead. Mind, Body and Baby is all about empowering new and expectant parents at each stage of their journey. Read more about how I developed my passion for hypnobirthing and perinatal mental wellbeing here. I offer:

 Hypnobirthing - online (taught by me in real time), private and group classes

Individual therapy services - online and in person 

Online courses for pregnancy and post-natal wellbeing

Mind, Body and Baby online courses and resources are there to help inject some mindfulness, compassion and wellbeing into your life wherever you live!


An introduction to my approach to empowering new parents through, pregnancy, birth and the early days with a new born.


I am currently offering classes and therapy in Plymstock, Plymouth (PL9).

What are my clients saying...

"Rosie was very professional and knowledgeable. Lots of very useful techniques and sessions were tailored to my requirements (i.e. number of sessions) ensuring I got maximum benefit from the sessions. It was a very easy environment to open up in."

- Psychological Therapy Client, March 2018

"Rosie made us feel empowered about the choices we can make in the birth process. I was very anxious about having to give birth and I no longer feel worried. I'm really looking forward to her online courses and hope she will offer some post-natal courses soon. Thank you. I was dreading having to give birth but now I feel prepared and excited!"

- Alice Townend and Tom England, Private Hypnobirthing Clients, March 2018